Frequently Asked Questions

Will I automatically get my special request?

Providing it was clearly noted at the time of booking we will do our very best to comply with your special request, but regret that no guarantees can be given.

What if I have a dietary requirement, medical condition or disability?

Full details must have been given in writing at the time of booking. We have a procedure in place whereby such information is assessed with regards to the holiday. We can only act on the information given though if we feel the need to check anything we will have contacted you before confirming the holiday. Any requests in light of a dietary requirement, medical condition or disability will be prioritised, but we regret that no guarantees can be given. If you have purchased our insurance please read the policy carefully to ensure it meets your requirements. We also suggest you make yourself known to the coach driver and the hotel staff should you need any assistance during your holiday.

When is the balance payment due, will I be sent a reminder, will I be sent a receipt?

Balance payments are due 4 weeks before the departure date. The exact date will be given towards the bottom of your confirmation. No reminders or receipts are sent.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is compulsory if travelling in Europe, but not in the UK. In any case we strongly recommend you take out travel insurance to cover you for unforeseen circumstances such as cancellation and medical expenses. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance cover you purchase is suitable and adequate for your particular needs. We have arranged competitive travel insurance with P J Hayman & Company Limited and would be happy to provide you with a quote. If you are not happy with the cover we offer we will, providing you let us know within 14 days of the date of issue of the policy, refund the premium. Alternatively a copy of the policy is available on request.

Will there be any alterations to my holiday?

Our itineries, and brochures, are produced many months in advance so occasionally we may have to make changes which we will notify you of in line with section 11 of the booking conditions.

What if I or one of my companions can no longer travel on the holiday?

The person who confirmed the booking must notify our UK sales and marketing office in writing. Once this is received we will, providing payments are up to date, send you a cancellation invoice. All insurance claims must be made with the insurance company direct. For each cancellation you are liable to pay cancellation fees – please refer to section 9 of the booking conditions for further information.

Can I transfer someone’s place to another person?

Yes, providing we are notified in writing (please send the notification to our UK sales and marketing office) by the person who made the initial booking not less than 14 days before the departure date. We charge an amendment fee of £20 per person which must be paid before the transfer can be made. If we are notified within 14 days before the departure date then full cancellation charges will apply.

Can I transfer my booking to another departure date/holiday?

We regret that we do not allow this.

Can I make any alterations to my booking?

Should you wish to make any alterations, such as a change of departure point, you must notify us in writing at our UK sales and marketing address as soon as possible. We charge an amendment fee of £10 for each alteration which must be paid before an amendment can be made.

What time will I depart/arrive back?

We have to wait until the majority of passengers have booked before we can calculate the exact coach route and produce a time table. We start working on this around 2 weeks before the departure date following which your joining instructions with exact times will be sent to you. An estimated time will be given for your arrival time back. Any times given prior to this are for guidance purposes only and subject to change.

How much luggage can I take?

Due to space restrictions for coach travel we ask that you restrict luggage to one medium sized suitcase per person weighing a maximum of 18kgs, plus light hand luggage. Please ensure baggage is clearly marked, labels will be sent with your travel documents. We advise you supervise your luggage when it is loaded/unloaded as neither tour operator or supplier are responsible for lost or stolen luggage.

What will the coach be like?

For long journeys we always contract coaches with toilets and drink facilities. Coaches used on shorter breaks or transfers may not always have these facilities but they will be comfortable. On some occasions taxis or mini buses may be used for part of the journey. Smoking and/or drinking alcohol is NOT permitted on any of the vehicles operating our holidays.

How long will I be on the coach and will we stop for breaks?

Occasionally departure points may be included in addition to those listed in the brochure which will be taken into account when we produce the departure times. Exactly how long you are on the coach will depend on the itinerary. Regions for the itinerary and the hotel are given in the brochure to give you an idea. When and where the coach stops for breaks is up to the driver. We do ask that they make regular stops for your comfort, which is usually every 3 to 4 hours approximately, but for longer journeys we would advise you to take refreshments with you, particularly if you have a medical condition or special diet to follow.

Which hotel will I be staying in?

A description of the hotel and its location is given on the tour information page of the holiday you are thinking of booking. For our more popular holidays, when we operate many coaches, we do not allocate the hotels at the time the brochure is produced therefore we cannot name the hotel. However we do state the location. Please ensure you are aware of the possible locations which your hotel may be situated in, as this may be different to the tours destinations. We will provide the hotel address and telephone number on your travel documents. Please note that some hotels also cater for other groups such as weddings and Christmas parties.

What will the hotel's bedrooms be like?

A description of the hotel bedrooms and facilities is given within the hotel description. The rooms are grouped in 3 different types – single, tw/dbl (twin/double) and triple. Please note: for triple rooms the majority of hotels provide a double bed and a Z bed. In any case if you have a preference for a type of bed then please advise us as soon as possible so we can check with the relevant hotel.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

A complaint can be submitted to us by writing to our Quality Assurance team or by calling our UK Reservations staff. Our UK team will be happy to listen and will pass your complaint to our South African branch who will review the complaint and authorise any compensation payable etc. We aim to respond to all complaints within 21 days of submission.

What are the procedures if I need to cancel a confirmed booking?

Please write to our UK sales and marketing officeus at the earliest possible stage and we will cancel the booking accordingly. Please refer to the booking conditions for the relevant cancellation charges.

How will the change affect the sale of my holiday?

Your contract will now be with our South African branch who are responsible for the fulfilment of your holiday. You will not notice any change in the price of the product being sold or the level of the service being provided to you. Our UK sales and marketing office will be responsible for taking your booking on behalf of our South African office regardless of whether you book online or via our UK call centre. They will also be available to deal with any questions or queries you might have prior to your tour departing.

Will my holiday still be protected?

As the Cape Town office is a branch of Diamond Shortbreak Holidays Ltd you will still benefit from the same level of consumer protection as you would have had previously when the contract was with the UK office.

When will I receive my travel documents?

Your joining instructions and luggage labels will be sent to you by first class post approximately 7 to 10 days before the departure date of your holiday. For tours that include a ticket to an event, the tickets will be sent to the coach company for the coach driver to hand out.

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